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“Our Aim is to preserve the environment, and maintain ecological balance by water and soil conservation through Tree-plantation”

To main objective is to carry out research on basis and applied aspects in all disciplines of rice culture in order to devise ways and means of optimising hectare yields of rice

To develop appropriate equipment and processes for modernization of agriculture utilizing animate and mechanical power sources, develop technology for reducing post harvest losses and add value agro-produce through processing.

To conduct mission oriented reserch for improvement in productivity of horticulture crops and development of horticulture based cropping system under arid environment; and to act as a repository of information related to arid horticulture.


To carries out reserch on various aspects of buffalo improvement including conservation of germplasm, development of optimum diets and feeding systems, enhancement of reproductive efficiency and health management practices for argumenting milk, meat and draught.


To Integrated and multiple utilization of water development projects. water resource program and strategic long-term plans ashouls recognize.

To gurantee the safety of food to consumers both inside and outside the Union and to support quality products.


To safeguard the environmental friendliness of production methods and animals welfare.


To develop knowledge of agriculture education among farmers.


To provide free saplings and plants to public.


To promote and provide awareness of organic agriculture


To promote the development and utilisation of appropriate agricultural practices in order to improve and sustain the natural resource base.


To establish free education and training about agriculture.


To researches in the area of post harvest engineering and technology appropriate to the agricultural production catchments, agro-processing industries, pilot plants, industrial liasion, technology transfer and national and international cooperation to meet national needs.